Time to evolve the definition of marketing.

So logged onto Linkedin & saw this post

Decent number of engagement too with most people talking about sms vs WhatsApp etc.

Given that it connects back to something I feel strongly about I thought I would pen this post.

It’s time to move away from sending your customers what they don’t want. The biggest mistake marketing and business are making that just because a customer sees something they will buy from it. So the goal becomes let’s push our message more . Whether that be via sms or countless emails , push notifications on mobiles, constant pointless social media content, even almost a relentless never ending pursuit via remarketing.

And the customers response…people are now option for better spam filters, installing ad blockers, watching shows on ott without ads, are even entire million dollar businesses like mailman cropped up who’s entire purpose is to remove the worthless stuff from your inbox

The marketer is fighting a losing battle.And the problem is because she or he see’s it as a pursuit to push something to their customer. Rather than realize that the right strategy- whether marketing or business is to create something which your customer will like and identify and connect with the right customer.

That moment you wont need to push , they will ask for it.