Looking for: A smart intern, who is interested in learning brand and business strategy for an upcoming tech startup. Remote, Part time/Full Time

The organization & the internship:

The world around us has changed rapidly in the last few years especially the last one year. In a world where we…

I have realized why we all seek love...the romantic kind.
Not because we want someone’s body rubbing against ours or thrive in the exchange of body fluids.
While all that is great (....ok, really great)

But what's more important,more basic is someone who we can crib to at the end…

Had a long conversation with an interesting traveller yesterday..

He spoke about going to Myanmar before it was really open to tourists , about his travels

on the bike across south America...then after he had quite a few drinks he opened up about his childhood.

His mom was killed by…

The simple business philosophy which both Jeff Bezos & Elon Musk follow but most large or small businesses don’t

I am a marketer ,a tech entrepreneur and also someone who teaches marketing; as a result directly or indirectly I have been exposed to businesses of different sizes (probably 1000+) in…

Time to evolve the definition of marketing.

So logged onto Linkedin & saw this post

Decent number of engagement too with most people talking about sms vs WhatsApp etc.

Given that it connects back to something I feel strongly about I thought I would pen this post.

It’s time…

Share of Voice — a metric which is killing your brand and your role on the decision makers table

So #boycotterosnow was trending on Twitter in India last week. …

Growing Old

Yesterday I had pizza and pasta..hated it!

Today morning I prepared a smoothie with kiwi, some berries and carrot with almond milk (unsweetened)..& I loved it!

I have grown old..this is weird.

Next step- start talking about retirement savings and running a marathon + wishing family members on Facebook.

Life’s interesting.

When all of India watched soul porn

Imagine if you started getting porn on your television channels. With a brand logo , advertisements etc. Imagine if your kids (or parents) sat with you and watched it, spoke about it and you shared it openly on your family WhatsApp groups. …

saurabh parmar

Ex- Founder :Both B2C & B2B businesses | Teacher & Consultant-Business,Branding & Digital | Guest Author

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